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Our affordable Tanzania safaris will offer you one of the most exciting African wildlife experiences you can have

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The comprehensive Australian online guide to wildlife adventures and safaris to Tanzania’s world renowned game reserves and national parks.

Great African wildlife destination

Travelers to Tanzania will experience a country offering one of Africa’s densest wildlife populations, and for this reason Tanzania, has over many years, become an iconic African safari and travel destination.


Tanzania safaris – visit exceptional game parks

Tanzania boasts incredible game parks on its northern circuit, including the Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti, Lake Manyara and Tarangire National Parks. These parks offer visitors a rare oppertunity to see Africa’s famous “Big Five” including its world renowned Wildebeest and Zebra migration, as well as an unbelievable array of birds, reptiles and other African animals.

Affordable Tanzania safaris

Tanzania Wildlife Safaris offers the Australian traveler the opportunity to experience an unforgettable exciting African wildlife adventure, at rates that are very affordable and competitive. We have been providing Tanzania safaris since 1993 and all our professional consultants have the experience and knowledge to ensure your Tanzania safari will be an adventure of a lifetime.

Experience wild Africa

Tanzania Wildlife Safaris will take you deep into the heart of Africa, where the wildlife roam freely in unspoilt habitats, and where you can witness some of Africa’s most awe-inspiring sights.

Tanzania offers the traveler a flourishing eco-system; a country that naturally abounds with wildlife. Add to this the spectacular and annual event of millions of game migrating over its northern plains, and you have a true African paradise.

Strict nature conservancy

Tanzania has, for many years, applied conservative conservation measures of the strictest kind, which ensured that the wildlife enjoyed the necessary protection, which in turn ensured that the country remained the safari paradise it is, to be enjoyed by local as well as international tourists.

Tailor-made Tanzania safar trips

Tanzania Wildlife Safaris can offer the Australian traveler specific, tailor-made Tanzania safaris with itineraries that meet your exact interests and needs, at affordable prices.



Assisting you in planning

Although this website gives a great deal of information on holidays and safaris available from Tanzania Wildlife Safaris, your trip only really comes to life when we start discussing your travel requirements in more detail. The website, however, offers valuable information, travel tips and detailed tour itineraries, which should assist a great deal with planning your African travel adventure.

Responsibly managed tours and safaris

Our tours ans safaris are responsibly managed, which means that we ensure that our customers will have a great experience, while not harming Tanzania’s wildlife, environment or the people.

African based company with a passion for Africa

Tanzania Wildlife Safaris is an African-based company. We know and love the continent of Africa, and consider ourselves experts on it. We have more than 15 years of experience (thousands of successful safari trips) in leading people into the heart of Africa. We’re a true specialist when it comes to the country of Tanzania.

African memories to cherish forever

Tanzania Wildlife Safaris will help to ensure that your encounter with Tanzania is authentic, creating memories that will last the rest of your life.