Fredrik Johansson

Overall we are very happy with our three day safari in Tanzania. We saw loads of animals, including cheetahs and rhinos.

My kids were delighted and so were my wife and I. A few details:


+Our driver/guide Lucas was very professional and friendly. He was also patient and open to my kids wishes. Really positive!

+All transfers and flights operated as instructed, including the changed flight from Kilimanjaro to Zanzibar. Good and accurate information throughout!

+The lodges and hotel rooms were good, in line with expectations. Some even had internet which was a welcome surprise for us.

+The food that was included was both tasty and enough. Free mineral water was everywhere too!

+The weather… Nothing you could do anything about, but we had great weather with a blue sky all the time. A good time for safari in Tanzania.

Thank you for the great arrangement, Nikki!