Tanzania travel dates and prices 2017

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Tanzania travel dates

Tanzania Wildlife Safaris offers you great flexibility in terms of safari departure dates, with our safaris departing almost daily. You can therefore choose a safari departure date that suits your preferred travel dates, and we will do our utmost to accommodate your needs.

Subject to availability, bigger groups are guaranteed a departure date of their choice. This offers you more flexibility in your total travel package, making the tour easier to plan.

Our website lists sample itineraries of our most popular wildlife safaris. Our sample itineraries can be customised to suit your individual needs as well as seasonal changes, or to coincide with migratory animal movements. To customise your safari itinerary, please make contact with us, stating your needs and requirements.

Tanzania travel prices

Tanzania Wildlife Safaris offers you a wide variety of Tanzania travel accommodation options that are affordable. The standards of the accommodation you choose will obviously have a direct impact on your overall travel costs. This means that you are offered as wide a range of options as possible, to suit your budget.

Your choice of accommodation for most of our Tanzania travel itineraries ranges from public campsites to private luxury campsites, standard and semi-luxury lodges, to luxury lodges.

At a supplementary tour cost, you could add the following activities to your itinerary:

  • Canoe rides
  • Hot air balloon trips
  • Craft centre visits
  • Cultural village visits

Please follow the specific Tanzania travel price links above for prices on all our sample safari itineraries. Alternatively you can contact us for prices on individually customized safari trips and travel packages.

Leave your Tanzania travel adventure in the hands of experienced professionals. You will not be disappointed!